Android functional testing made easy with Kotlin @ Hopper

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Yesterday our CEO Boris Strandjev took part as a lecturer in Hopper tech talk. Qualifast is partnering with Hopper in a strive of improving code architecture and structure of their Android app. The ultimate goal is improved maintainability and extensibility. As the plans are for significant code rewrite and reshuffle, the team will need to guard against regressions and, thus, automated test suite came in as mandatory.

In his talk, Boris told us about the tool of choice for achieving this task (UIAutomator). Additionally, he listed a great deal of extensions and customizations over the basic framework that improved the efficiency of writing tests. Hopper is incredibly successful application, with millions of users. Thus it is not surprising they are willing to invest in improving quality and in paving the way of further features and extensions. What came in as a pleasant surprise was the level of engagement and interest in the audience. It is very often that automated testing is neglected when mobile application is developed. However, as people get to know the basic stepping stones in building a test suite, we believe more will dare it. Hopefully, this will make more of us as successful as Hopper.

Start to Flutter @ Flutter Live Sofia

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Flutter is a technology that has gained a lot of friction in the recent months. Now a big number of mobile developers and mobile-developer-wanna-bies develop their apps with it. Flutter has become so central for Google that they dedicated a whole event to it, broadcasting all around the globe.

Qualifast’s partnership with GDG Sofia has been long standing already, thus it is not surprising that our Mobile Development Lead Vassil Angelov opened GDG Sofia’s Flutter live stream with an introductory session. It seems Vassil himself is not big fan of the technology, bu, still, he decided to share with the public the basics of the technology, describing the initial steps one needs to make in order to start with Flutter.

Qualifast, as always, is delighted of the opportunity to share our knowledge with the community.

Presentation from Qualifast @ ISTA 2018

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Our CEO Boris Strandjev presented a session called “DevOps disrupted – mobile is the new master” during ISTA 2018 conference. He put the prism of the mobile development over the one of DevOps to show how those two combine for effectively done and successfully delivered mobile projects. It is a great honor that his submission was one of the few chosen for the main stage in a competition of many great speakers and topics.

“ISTA is a great conference, that started off as QA-only event, but gradually, in time, expanded to cover diverse topics across the IT industry. This year the attendees were more than 800, with many foreigners joining people from most big IT companies in Buglaria. One of the things that I particularly like about ISTA is that it is a joint venture between several companies from the very beginning, a proof that when we combine forces we are stronger than the separate parts.” Boris said after the event.

He also explicitly wanted to share his attitude to public speaking “I like speaking in front of public, sharing what I know with the community. You can ask anyone that gives lectures and he / she will tell you that you get to learn the topic a lot deeper when you present it to others. This occasion is yet another proof of that – after the session people taught me of tools and frameworks that I have not even heard of, but sound very promising!”

Public lecture – Get better with Stackoverflow

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Our C.E.O. did an open session in Work and Share coworking space. In it he shared what he has learnt from his six and a half years of interaction with Stackoverflow. He listed several practices he follows in his interaction with this website that helped him develop as professional. The bottom line of the whole presentation is that if you are an active member of the Stackoverlow (or any other) community, rather than passive consumer, you can get far greater value from it. Boris used many examples of his own experience to convey this message.

In Qualifast we believe that each one of us can be better expert if we join our forces in communities and exchange knowledge. That is why we have been core supporters of GDG / Google developers group and WTM/ Women Tech Makers in Sofia for years. That is why we intend to do other similar educational sessions in the future.

You can find all slides from Boris’s presentation here.