Colibra application is out!

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One of the most exciting applications we have worked on is released to the world! You can find the android version here and ios version here.

We love how the design makes the application extremely easy to use! With just couple of clicks you can add your upcoming flights. After that, you can use the application as boarding pass wallet, keeping all relevant information in a single place, being sure that the most recent info, e.g. gate changes, will be reflected. Further to that, if your flight has a delay, you receive instantaneous compensation. Alternative providers compensate on delays of 3h+, but Colibra compensates for 1h+! making money out of thin air has never been simpler!

This is the biggest investment of Eleven VC up to the current moment, which means that the investors also strongly believe in the success of the product. The initial reception this application received is incredible and we are sure that soon this will be a must-use for any flyer within Europe! At Qualifast we love being part of successful and useful startups.

AngelsFX- your trade advisor app

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In the recent months we have worked with the team of AngelsFx to build their advisory application. Now we are ready and have launched the Android and web clients (iOS will follow soon ;).

AngelsFx is a team of traders that have gained great experience in operating on the ForEx market. They are making good deals, a promise of a significant profit. Now they want to share with everybody their transactions so that people can learn from the experts. If you are not into the currency markets, you can still make use of the app – one can just mimic the signals of AngelsFx and this should already lead to a good profit.

In Qualifast we are not expert traders, but we are excited to help yet another startup realize their product idea and certainly hope that the application will help many people achieve greater prosperity – both AngelsFx and their end clients.

PS: We want to explicitly thank Graphactory for the great design they made for all clients!

OceniMe web app – implemented & released

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We are excited that the team of OcenimeBg chose us to implement the frontend application of their product. You can see the end product here:

If you are renting / leasing or buying / selling an apartment you can not help but wonder if the chosen price is good. The team of OceniMe have gathered huge data base of real estate transactions in Sofia, Bulgaria. Based on it they are ready to give you insights on what kind of deal are you entering in. In addition to expected price you will be presented various neighborhood condition analysis and demographics details that will help you get a feeling of other important parameters you take into account when considering relocating.

The application is just launched, but it is already becoming quite popular. It gives us great satisfaction, as we really believe it will benefit the society.

PESA published in The Journal of private equity

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Our clients from Empower Capital have been applying for years Slavcho Parushev's invention Private Equity Scorecard Approach (PESA™). This novel valuation model has supported numerous successful deals in the fund and proven its incredible value. Now mr. Paruchev has received recognition for his work as he got an article on PESA™ published in The Journal of private equity (see here).

We are excited that Qualifast is the company responsible for implementing PESA™ as a software product. Now the valuation in Empower Capital is easier than ever. We are sure that using this application Slavcho and team will be able to turn even more acquisitions into profitable exits.

Liane application launched in Google Play

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Today we launched Liane in Google Play (see application page). Using this application you can request verified and trustworthy caregiver to escort your children or elderly relatives around the city. Currently the service is available only in Rome, but there are plans to expand in other Italian cities and other countries.

We developed this application for our clients from Liane S.r.l. using the design and UX prepared by 77 agency.

We can't wait to see the service get market friction and expand. Using Liane you can ensure that your loved ones will always be safely escorted to the different places in the city where they need to go, even when professional engagements do not allow you to be the one to do the escorting.

All images in the post are copyright of Liane S.r.l.